Transcript Part 2: Hotel worker in Kenneka Jenkin ‘s death

Transcript Part 2: Hotel worker in Kenneka Jenkin ‘s death

Last week, we published the transcript  of the phone call in which took place with an employee of the Crowne Plaza Hotel (we subsequently published the names of the owners; their phone numbers, and their shady pasts) all of which almost immediately caused a much needed discussion: What is the hotel hiding.

Now comes Part 2. The missing part that discloses the  disturbing difference in time stamps released on the same videos we released on  12 September ahead of the police.   The videos share several different time stamps, but, also feature quite a few gaps in times.

Part 2 continued…

Saint Germaine:  Why did you choose to provide us these tapes?

Hotel Worker: Because when I saw one of yours running around the Crowne Plaza Hotel dressed as a construction worker I knew it was only a matter of time until you guys got  your hands on them anyway.  I felt I was doing what was right, because, you can clearly tell that they’ve been edited and were edited from the jump.

There’s no footage of her entering the hotel; entering the freezer, or anything of the kind. The only footage that they intend to release is the footage of her actually leaving the hotel room and rumbling through the hall way.

Saint Germaine: You previously told us that security was called to the room over disturbances and possible drug-use. Tell me more about that.

Hotel Worker:  People complained several times that they smelled marijuana and that teenage girls / older men  were in the hallway doing drugs.  I remember one lady called downstairs to tell the front desk that she “had seen several boys in the hallway appear as if they were on drugs and not just marijuana”.     Several people reported to the front desk that they were in the room at first, and then, would repeatedly enter and leave.

Saint Germaine: One of your co-workers demonstrated how to enter the freezer that the hotel claims Kenneka walked into. Do you believe your manager?

Hotel worker: I do not believe the hotel. As the young lady demonstrated, it would have been almost virtually impossible for a young woman “beyond drunk” to enter and lock herself in a freezer. That’s the first part.  The second part, uh, is the fact that that particular freezer door opens  to the right and closes to the left (as it was demonstrated in the video).  

(Watch the video in question below..).

Video #1

Video #2

Saint Germaine: What can you tell us about the people who actually own the hotel?

Hotel worker: You guys asked me the same question when I first provided you the tapes from the hotel.  You were right. The Crowne Plaza Hotel is owned by F&F Realty, also, owned by David Friedman, who  has long been rumored to have been appointed to Donald Trump ‘s cabinet earlier this year. He is a very wealthy man, and, has  quite a bit of power on his hands. He owns that funky human-harvesting place down the street from the hotel, something, that most don’t realize.  They’ve been caught in more than half-a-dozen different scandals including mishandling body parts for financial gain.

Saint Germaine:  Elaborate on this body harvesting company so our readers understand a bit more.

Hotel worker: It’s an organ harvesting place in reality, but, they market it and present it as a “research and information facility” after humans actually die.  They claim that they perform tests and such on bodies after death to better human life, but, just like years ago that was proven to be a lie.  They’ve been hijacking body parts for years (they were previously sued for it) and then deny that they know where the body parts originally went.  The company would later become what was of the “Blackmarket Body Harvesting Ring” in Chicago several years ago.

Saint Germaine:  *stutters* The Blackmarket Body Harvesting Ring?

Hotel Worker: That’s what it was.  It was all over the news several years ago, but, Friedman paid the press and those who sued him off entirely.  That’s why it disappeared for the longest time until the internet and those who didn’t believe the hotel decided to dig it back up.

Saint Germaine:   Would you say that this is happening again inside of the hotel?

Hotel Worker: There’s a reason nobody has heard much of the name David Friedman since this scandal broke.  He’s wiped just about any mention of himself from the internet after the scandal a few years ago.  I’m leaving it at that.

Saint Germaine:  You’ve seen the original tapes. What happened to them?

Hotel Worker: The hotel provided the original tapes to police, but, only on a condition that they not show the entire tape.   That’s why you don’t see Kenneka entering the hotel, or, in the hallway with her friends. You only see her leaving out of an elevator.  They don’t want you to see the part where she was in the hallway, and, there’s a reason for that. You’ve got 5 friends who now say she was in the hallway with them, but, the hotel refuses to show that footage.

The hotel now denies that there was ever footage of Kenneka walking into the freezer.  On 9/20 the hotel delivered a statement to the police citing that they cannot provide footage of such “because it doesn’t exist”. 


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