For reasons that still are rather unclear.  Puerto Rico, over the weekend, was badly ravaged by Hurricane Maria. So damaged, that, the entire island is out of power.  Black. Entirely Black.  Hospitals are running on generators; homes are without power,  food has now entered in shortage territory — but Donald Trump — is more concerned about peaceful protests by NFL players in mainland US.

It’s been a whole five days or so, since, Trump has mentioned in any capacity Puerto Rico. All the while, has been rampant and wild over the NFL and its players protesting.   To the left, was a message scrawled into the side walk in a remote of Puerto Rico where they have absolutely no water or food due to the hurricane devastation.

Puerto Rico’s Governor has now made 4 desperate cries for help as the situation in Puerto Rico continues to spiral out of control.    Officials in  Ponce say that the death toll is reportedly around 10 from what has been discovered as of this writing.  Rescue attempts (as many as possible) have been made, but, most are failing due to flooding and the breakage of a damn on the island.

This could very well be the end of Puerto Rico if Donald Trump doesn’t do something and do something fast. 

We’ve noticed something interesting on social media, that, some are apparently unaware that Puerto Rico is actually a U.S territory and has been for years. Which makes the people of Puerto Rico just as much American as anybody else in the United States. So, why,  has Trump ignored Puerto Rico but almost instantly sent aid packages to Florida and the like?

Again, because he’s far to engaged in a publicity battle with the NFL over making black players stand to prevent the protests over the way Trump ‘s police force(s) in the United States treat people of color (conviction, or no conviction).

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