Murderer Kenneth Gleason is pictured.

BATON ROUGE, LOUISIANA —  This case has sort of unfolded over the past two weeks, but, it wasn’t until Tuesday that a white man was arrested on suspicion of intentionally targeting people of color.  Police say 23-year-old Kenneth Gleason, uh,  went on a murderous rampage killing two black people and shooting into the home of another black family earlier this month.

In fact, he not only slaughtered two but they “hold firm belief that had they not caught Gleason he would have killed again”.  Baton Rouge police officials say that they had strong belief that he had intention to “kill as many black people as possible”.  Officials confirmed that the death penalty is being explored, and,  they’re trying to determine why Gleason was targeting black people in the area.

The Washington Post reports that a search of the home Gleason shared with his parents turned up a speech by Hitler;  human growth hormone, and some, uh, pretty interesting things. Meanwhile, attorneys for the 23-year-old white nationalist deny that he murdered the people in question (although his DNA was found on all of shell casings involved).  Per police reports,  he originally started killing black people in the area on 11 September after opening fire on an innocent home he knew had black people inside.

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