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Friend: The men in that room had beef with Kenneka Jenkin ‘s brother

An image given to the Daily News. These images are almost an exact match to what this gentleman says happened in the hotel room.  Seen by The Daily News on early morning hours of 9/11.   Original Article Update: 9/11 1:45 am.  Latest Update:  8:35 pm 9/12

ROSEMONT, IL —  This is our first piece out on the  murder of Kenneka Jenkins, a 19-year-old Illinois woman who was found dead in the freezer of the Crowne Plaza Hotel.    As of this writing,  the details are a bit murky — but we’ve managed to come across some information about the case and the girls involved that may prove to be beneficial later.

Vonterious (spell check, multiple spellings out there) and his crew (the men identified from the video) reportedly had beef with Keneeka’s brother according to a friend.  Another male friend of  Vonterious he and Cornell Mitchell were both in the room (as they had already discussed going to the party with their friends).

This is where it gets murky.

In  e-mails,  the male friend (who has since stopped talking to both Vonterious and Cornell and we will not identify for his own safety)  identified Cornell and Vonterious as two of the most prominent ring leaders of the night. After arriving to the hotel,  they immediately went to room 926 — where the first thing they said in the room was “R ya’ll thots”.

The male friend whom we have determined to likely have been in the room, says, that this was when Kenneka then told them no and that she doesn’t get down like that.   Interestingly,  Kenneka (this was when she was heard on video saying she wasn’t that drunk).  was overheard being asked to try and enjoy herself even though she couldn’t because “she was visibly and clearly uncomfortable”.

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Names of men in room (confirmed and identified)

Deon Hardimond

Ty Sanders

Cornell Mitchell (denies such, but others say he was)

Vonterious  (viciously denies such, but, photos match up with location of hotel room etc)

 Lerone Bradley 

It was Ty  who first mentioned sex. (who, by the way) denies such on Facebook but continues to be rather suspect on said Facebook page).

[To get a better understanding of this young man and what happened, we, spoke to him via Facetime].  

This was where we learned that he was one of the men who left the room shortly after the alleged rape.  In the video someone is heard to be saying “I’m out” which has now been identified as the man we are speaking to.

This is also where we learned that the men in that room apparently had some sort of beef with Kenneka’s supposed brother.  “They had been beefing for some time, but, nobody really knew why. Cornell and Vonterious thought that by f****** his sister they could get back at him”. But “she wasn’t down with that and tried to steer clear of them as much as she could”.

“Irene and Monifah knew what they did, they’re just as guilty as anybody else.   They knew what kind of folks these was.   This a dangerous neighborhood and unsafe place, she knew hands down. She was on the phone for hell of a long time inviting people up giving out the room number left and right. This was pre-planned right down to the fact that they tried to spike her drink”.

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By Saint Germaine


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