Hurricane Irma in Florida did a whole lot more than people were actually told. According to news reports across the state,  Gov. Rick Scott,  ignored calls and voicemails from nursing homes ‘seeking desperate assistance to get the power turned back on’.

(“Allegedly”) it was uncovered that the nursing home, identified as  the Rehab Center at Hollywood Hills, apparently left a total of four voicemails ahead of what became of Irma’s wrath.  Those voicesmails, ehum, were deleted from Rick Scott’s cell phone even after he made a declaration to places like nursing homes to call him if conditions got bad ahead of the storm. According to nursing home officials, they left four voicemails in the first 36 hours leading up to the massive storm. Shortly after the 36 hour mark, at least according to officials,  the first death occurred.

Scott’s office reportedly denies allegations of “ignoring the nursing home” although officials at the nursing home not only confirmed that they called but are also (“willing to fork over records to prove that they did”) per additional reports. Interestingly,  Scott’s offices denies ignoring the nursing homes voicemails, but, indirectly acknowledged that they did get them.

Despite Scott’s office’s part in the alleged wrongdoing, he, ordered funding to be stopped for the Rehab Center at Hollywood Hills. Also,  The Daily News has confirmed that their license has been suspended. [Update]. 

A statement from Scott’s office on the matter.

“We were well within our rights to delete the voicemails” reads a statement from Gov. Rick Scott’s office.    There is an ongoing criminal investigation into the nursing home.


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