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Cruz joins staunch opposition to Graham-Cassidy healthcare bill

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And so have at least three other Republican politicians.   While the debate over the latest repeal attempt of Obamacare rages on, others, are determining how they will or won’t lend their support come Monday.  The GOP, for those that don’t know,  has until the 30th to pass a repeal with just 51 votes.

If it isn’t actually done by that point, then, their efforts likely will be seen as an imminent failure.  The un-popular Graham-Cassidy bill appeared last week after an apparent decision that “block grants” and stripping funding for Medicaid  were “more important than anything else”.  But, what this bill lacks, is clearly worded support both medically and financially for those with pre-existing conditions.

Pre exisiting conditions have long been one of the biggest discussions within the great healthcare debate.  Almost all of the repeal attempts in recent memory by the GOP, have, whether directly or indirectly left out support for those sorts of conditions in their proposed  legislation.

Senator Ted Cruz, however, has also joined the opposition.  “As of this time they do not have my vote”  reads a statement from Cruz’s office.

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