Here are the health benefits (and non benefits) of Vaping

At least according to the most honest report and study we’ve found.  According to, vaping (or something e- cigarettes) may not have the exact same harm as smoking actual cigarettes. Reason reports that a study found that while such smoking is on the rise with young people, it, does and doesn’t quite contain all of the same issues as regular tobacco.

First up, we will talk about the reported fact sheet that apparently discusses tips or parents and evasive answers as to how or why e-cigarettes may be harmful.   The tip sheet claims that “e-ciggs are a rising public threat” but doesn’t go into much detail.

Although, a  study published not to long ago sees e-ciggs and vaping as “much less of a dangerous activity than actually smoking cigarettes themselves”. A feat, that uh, we’re going to guess doesn’t sit with anti-tobacco activists.

The study mentioned above reinforces certain findings that they found large reductions in toxins from e-cigarettes, among, other harmful chemicals. When in reality, actual cigarettes pose a much higher level of carbon monoxide.

We’ve promoted vapors in the past and in accordance with FTC regulations we are legally obligated to do such.    We are in no way further promoting or encouraging vapor use, unless,   by a person over the age of 21+. 

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