DOJ wants access to Facebook accounts of Anti-Trump protesters

Three Anti-Trump protesters may soon find their lives that much more invaded by the Department of Justice. According to reports, attorney for the DOJ have now demanded that Facebook turn over “3 week Facebook accounts” in their conquest to identify everybody involved.

The DOJ apparently wants access to the pages of three women who were apparently largely behind a now popular Anti-Trump Facebook page.  The issue? According to the ACLU,  the government’s request to unmask the three accounts is a “gross invasion of privacy” and would expose the information and whereabouts of at least 6,000 more people who like the Anti-Trump page in question.

Meanwhile,  the DOJ denies that they are trying to find any “possibly incriminating” information on those that like the Facebook but the American Civil Liberties Union  disagrees. “We’re going to fight to protect these women’.  In other news,  previous reports suggest that the government is compiling a database of those that don’t agree with President Trump for reasons that have not been disclosed as of this time.

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