Meet the Magnificent Madame Giselle, the serial con artist

Con Artist Madame Giselle is pictured.

There’s a scam artist out there, that,  apparently has bamboozled some people out of some serious money.  Apparently Madame Giselle lives in the suburbs of Washington D.C; hangs with the elite, has been the wife of two world leaders, and uh, apparently claims to have brokered the first phone call between the Middle East and President Trump.

The Washington Post has quite a bit of information out on Madame Giselle, although, they appear to have been unable to find her real name.  Interestingly,  the Post poses itself as pretty confused as to how she’s not only been pretty deceitful about what she’s done in her life, but,  also apparently managed to swindle someone out of $50,000 by exploiting their daughter.

So, what were her motives? Allegedly it all goes back to the Venezuelan and Colombian Armies.

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