Donald Trump ‘s partial travel ban will continue Sunday

Putting yet more innocent people in the cross-hairs of a potentially dangerous travel ban.  According to reports,  the Supreme Court’s previous decision to uphold part of Trump’s travel ban will apparently finally take flight this weekend.  Reports indicate that now instead of six countries being chosen at random in the process, they, will now include country specific immigration targets.

Per reports,  the ban would  go after countries with high level terrorists; people the US thinks are already terrorists,  and or those that don’t live up to the standards of the United States.  The U.S allegedly denies that this “would potentially turn out to be a catalyst towards our friendships with international territories” says an expert.

The Wall Street Journal apparently found that there were originally 17 nations on the original ban-list, but now, these “changes are meant so that those that don’t belong in the United States don’t get in, while, everybody else can visit as they please” also per an apparent pro-Ban expert.

Iran apparently is no longer on any of the lists, as, it has “complied with the satisfactory requirements to be considered aligned with the rules of travel restrictions”.


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