Everything you need to know regarding that Terror Attack in London

This is a  Daily News special report on the terror attack that took place in London  at the tube station, specifically, the Parsons Green tube station.   

When the weekend kicked off, London, found itself in the midst of yet another terror attack at the hands of people armed with what appear to be bombs.   At the Parsons Green station,  a bomb exploded causing hysteria and eventually a threat-level raise to critical.

Here’s what we know after gathering information over the past day.

  • The attack took place at the Parsons Green station.
  • It is believed that the detonation device was a bomb.
  • There were quite a few injuries.
  • Prime Minister May has upgraded the threat-level to critical.

On Saturday evening, a Surrey home was raided by police after apparent credible information led authorities back to a family who took in Syrian refugees. Police took it a step further  in the Surrey neighborhood in question, and, ordered every nearby home to be evacuated to prevent further issues.

As of now, we’ve learned that both a man and a woman identified as  Ronald and Penelope Jones (who have previously received top civilian honours from Buckingham Palace for taking in foster children..). But now,  authorities want to know more about the foster-system they’re running from inside their home.

According to police,   the couple has six children but numerous  other children that they foster and mostly are of Syrian nationality.  Police believe their children along with a reported 18-year-old teen whom is now wanted for questioning and reportedly in custody.


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