We’ve seen the Crowne Plaza Hotel security footage

But we’re not believing the gist that it was because she was raped.   On 12 September, we, were exclusively provided a copy of the security footage from the Crowne Plaza Hotel from an employee we will not identify.   In that footage,  Kenneka , is indeed seen “staggering” (why, remains to be determined).

Further into the footage, Kenneka can be seen walking back to the elevator, but then the footage gets sort of murky.   A girl who has already been proven to not have been as drunk as police claimed (“managed to press the wrong button and ended up on the lower floor”).

The video shows Kenneka clearly staggering but without toxicology reports we still don’t know if she was as drunk as police say.   It was here in this video (before she is seen staggering into the front desk area) that we were previously told that she had been allegedly raped and had tried to leave the party.   Kenneka mother at this point, has, already publicly discussed the  changing versions of events she’s received.

Her rape has not been proven, although, it remains a focal point of the investigation.  

We’ll mention them here:

  1.   The first story she got —  Kenneka went into the room alone to get her phone.
  2. Kenneka was left alone in the hallway.
  3. She was left  in the hallway with Monifah.

At one point, Kenneka is seen trying to open doors.  Frequently entering and leaving different rooms trying to find her way to what we would guess is the lobby.  It appears that either she was trying to hide from somebody or simply find her way either back upstairs/downstairs.  She can then be seen going into freezer area,   where, the doors (“appear to have not been secured the entire time”).    There are at least two freezers in this area according to the video footage.

The source of this video confirms that the freezer actually has a button on it that could be pressed to open it. Although it still has not been proven otherwise that she was not attacked by the people from the party in which she attended.  Because, each of the people now involved in the party are spilling all on social media. 

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We already previously reported that the freezer wasn’t on.  As for the rumored $200,   the source of this video has also confirmed that the $200 was apparently actually for a parking fee.  We further confirmed that if a parking ticket is lost, you, actually do have to pay a $200 fine of sorts to get your car back.

Legal experts in Rosemont and Chicago tell the Daily News that  the liability of any accident once determined by the police is actually on hands of the hotel.   The “area was obviously and clearly unsecured the entire time”.   “With such from a legal perspective,  they could definitely be held liable from a liability perspective” says the expert.

Police  sources who have confirmed valid information to us at least four times as of this point, now say, that this footage paints a questionable story.  Toxicology reports could come back as soon as a few weeks from now, to even a few months.

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