This is why we’re not speaking to Puyallup Police about Misty Copsey

Over the course of the past three weeks or so, Puyallup Police, have made it their mission that they’re very interested in “following the lead” that appears to be Sulltan Khan.    Puyallup Police have attempted to track down Sultan several times, and, speak to him regarding what he may know about the disappearance of Misty Copsey.

We’re not speaking to the Puyallup Police department, because, they’ve always been wrapped around the finger of Sultan’s adopted family.      Sultan’s adopted family has always made that particular police department believe anything that they say, (they once told him that they have the right to assault him) so it would be pointless to discuss with them what we know.

That is why we’re going to continue to publish the details here as we confirm them and investigate them ourselves.  The police department cannot be trusted, and, often does a horrible job at their own job.


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