Court documents say Jahi McMath may be alive: Report

CALIFORNIA — You may not remember the name, but,  her parents have spent years trying to keep her alive.  Several years ago, Jahi McMath made headlines after a tonsil surgery in California went terribly awry.  So awry, that she ended up with irreversible brain damage and was later declared brain dead.  Although, newly surfaced court documents show that she may not “meet the statute to be actually declared dead” in turn resulting in an even more uphill battle for the family.

So, what happened? An apparent tonsil surgery years ago went wrong, some of which, resulted in the brain damage and massive bleeding.   McMath’s parents have since sued the UCLA center that performed the operation citing “malpractice”.   Many, however, are curious as to how the McMath family has been paying for Jahi ‘s presumably extensive medical bills this entire time.  A potential burden awaits:  California imposes stiff max-limits on such lawsuits in a way, some of which, sit at a high of $250,000 (except in wrongful death cases).

The Chronicle has an interesting take on a UCLA filed document (connected to a slew of videos shot by Jahi’s mom over two years) that says that Jahi isn’t dead after all. That same doctor has been highly cited by a judge, and, appears to be possibly right in legal pretenses.

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