Irma’s path is moving west, directly on par to assault South Florida

Governor Rick Scott has ordered all schools regardless of grade or college; state offices, and a few government facilities closed over the weekend.   With nobody quite sure which direction Hurricane Irma is going to turn,  officials are taking no chances and ordering everybody out.

Scott confirmed Thursday evening that  people from the Key’s clear into Miami and beyond had been ordered to leave and more evacuations are expected as the Hurricane continues to move west northwest, and, is believed to be directly on par to pummel South Florida.  It would be the worst recorded hurricane ever to strike South Florida.

The National Weather Service confirmed to The Daily News that the storm is expected to move on par to assault South Florida, bringing potentially catastrophic damage to one of the US’s most beautiful places.

Governor Rick Scott has issued a stark warning: Lives cannot be replaced, belongings can. If you are looking for GAS, please use the app in your phone called GAS BUDDY.  They are working AROUND THE CLOCK to find available gas wherever necessary.  Please all of you out there your lives may depend on following evacuation orders.  Our hearts and prayers are with each of you. 

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