There are three major hurricanes now ALL headed for America

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO —    America isn’t about to get any sort of a grace period any time soon from major hurricanes. The National Weather Service has now confirmed that there are 3 active hurricanes speeding into deadly territory all headed for the United States.  The WS says that Irma will hit first sometime this weekend in Florida, followed by Jose on the same path, followed by Katia off the coast of Mexico.

U.S  states Georgia; Florida,  Louisiana,  Texas,  and both of the Carolina’s are on massive hurricane watch(s) while   Florida has ramped up its evacuations as heavy rains have started to pour into the region.


Earlier today, we published updates storm report paths (see to the bottom of this page in the related section) that the National Weather Service says are in the pathway of the storm(s).   Mexican officials have now told the Daily News that they’re also preparing for the worst.   The last  time that the Atlantic had three major Hurricanes all above Category 3 was September  2010 more than 7 years ago.

Katia remains in the Gulf Coast with reported sustained winds of up to 80 mph as of this writing. Landfall is not known as of this time.

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