We stand with Munroe Bergdorf

L’Oreal should be ashamed of itself, a beautiful; outspoken, well spoken spokesperson has found herself without an endorsement deal this week after speaking out against racism. In a Facebook post  that L’Oreal misinterpreted,  Bergdorf, previously spoke out against the Charlottesville riots and how white supremacy maintains its place in America.

We firmly stand by Bergdorf’s comments that white people as a whole have a problem.  Whether they “themselves are racist or not”  western society is a “system rooted deeply within white supremacy” a fact we can certainly agree with.  History says so.  Meanwhile, L’Oreal claimed that Bergdorf lacks “diversity” and therefore the French cosmetics brand decided to drop its first transgender spokesperson.

In the words of one Mic reporter, among others, Stop kidding yourselves white people are racist and always have been. 

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