How he did it: Jerome Nisbett ‘s extraordinarily shocking scam

This is part 1 of our investigative series into our former client Jerome Nisbett, who, is now wanted in connection to not one but three fraudulent lawsuits including a fraudulent federal lawsuit claiming racial discrimination.  It all started when Jerome wanted to get back at his family, for, reasons that are still quite murky.

Last year around this time, actually, he made contact again with The Khan Group demanding that we alter  a video that was originally shot by his former supervisor Mr. Peralta while on site at a Brown Security job site.  The original video saw  Jerome be video recorded sleeping on the job, which per termination paperwork obtained by The Daily News,   was a we-can-fire-you offense based on their policies and procedures.

This is where The Khan Group came in.   Jerome contacted The Khan Group informing us that he would “reshoot the video in a manner that matches the first at the same exact job location and then pay the Khan Group to place a fake time stamp on it”.    Jerome paid upwards of $2,000 to have the video fake-time-stamped and then tried to turn around use it against Brown Security, claiming, that a man named Topher Johnson was actually the one who shot it.

Topher Johnson does not exist. 

When people started to catch on to his lies, he, then turned around and tried to falsely claim that the likes of Sultan Khan filmed the video and that Khan would testify on his behalf that he shot the video outside of an Atlanta resident.  There were multiple issues with this claim when we were made aware of it, mostly, that Jerome does not and has never known where Khan lives.

Khan never agreed to film any sort of video, nor, had he ever agreed to testify on anybody’s behalf.  This is a case that has without warning made him a witness to a federal crime, and now, we’re trying to figure out how to prevent him from being required to testify.  It got equally interesting after officials in the city of Atlanta began to wonder how an ordinary citizen had access to some pretty deep programs that would allow them to do the things Jerome has done (edit time stamps; etc).

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This was when our phones started to ring. 

In the past week alone, we’ve spoken to more attorneys for a case against Jerome than we have spoken to in our near 2 decade long life as a newspaper.   We have provided all information; photos, addresses, phone numbers,  screenshots, e-mails, and download links to the appropriate authorities.  Jerome is out there trying to commit fraud with a federal lawsuit and a fake discrimination case, which, is serious business.

Anyone with information on Jerome Nisbett  is asked to call our offices at 347-509-9075.

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