Month: September 2017

On the Streets

Here’s what O. J Simpson will do after prison: Reports

Apparently it involves South Florida; Pam Bondi, and an iPhone. A letter leaked online Saturday morning shows that the state of Florida is demanding that Nevada block O.J Simpson from moving to Florida. Florida's AG Pam Bondi reportedly wrote in the letter "We are well aware of what kind of person O.J is and his disregard for others"  indicating that she has already made a play to stop his being transferred from Nevada to Florida. Bondi apparently doesn't want the convicted felon and former major American star to   live out the rest of his life in Florida.  O.J's attorneys announced over the weekend that, uh, he had apparently decided to go with his close friend to Florida. 
Tobacco Studies

Here are the health benefits (and non benefits) of Vaping

At least according to the most honest report and study we've found.  According to Reason.com, vaping (or something e- cigarettes) may not have the exact same harm as smoking actual cigarettes. Reason reports that a study found that while such smoking is on the rise with young people, it, does and doesn't quite contain all of the same issues as regular tobacco. First up, we will talk about the reported fact sheet that apparently discusses tips or parents and evasive answers as to how or why e-cigarettes may be harmful.   The tip sheet claims that "e-ciggs are a rising public threat" but doesn't go into much detail. Although, a  study published not to long ago sees e-ciggs and vaping as "much less of a dangerous activity than actually smoking cigarettes themselves". A feat, that uh, we...
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DOJ wants access to Facebook accounts of Anti-Trump protesters

Three Anti-Trump protesters may soon find their lives that much more invaded by the Department of Justice. According to reports, attorney for the DOJ have now demanded that Facebook turn over "3 week Facebook accounts" in their conquest to identify everybody involved. The DOJ apparently wants access to the pages of three women who were apparently largely behind a now popular Anti-Trump Facebook page.  The issue? According to the ACLU,  the government's request to unmask the three accounts is a "gross invasion of privacy" and would expose the information and whereabouts of at least 6,000 more people who like the Anti-Trump page in question. Meanwhile,  the DOJ denies that they are trying to find any "possibly incriminating" information on those that like the Facebook but the American ...

Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna at it again in court room showdown

It just seems like the whole Rob Kardashian x  Blac Chyna drama may never come to an end. According to Pop Glitz, Kardashian is suing Chyna for more than $100,000 stemming from an alleged incident dating back to December 2016. Kardashian claims in court documents that Chyna attempted to "choke me with her iPhone charger; repeatedly punched me in the face, and then proceeded to try and steal my Bentley".   The documents are yet another twist in the ongoing saga between the two, who, just can't seem to get along that much. Meanwhile, in other Kardashian news, all three sisters (Kylie; Khloe, and Kim) are all allegedly pregnant at the same exact time.

The 21st trans murder in the United States has been reported

The 21st murder of a trans person in the USA has been formally reported.  A Missouri teenager was brutally mutilated; stabbed, burned, and practically dismembered in what police refuse to label a hate crime.   The body of Ally Steinfield, 17, was discovered this week after she had gone missing earlier this month. Four have been arrested and charged with first degree murder, although, police are unwilling to label it a hate crime.  According to reports "First degree murder in itself is a hate crime"  is how they view it.   According to police reports, and The Washington Post, her killers admitted to "stabbing her multiple times; dumping some of her bones in a garbage can near a chicken coop, and essentially burning her alive". Texas County police officials deny that Steinfield was mur...

Major health insurer outs thousands of HIV positive men in America

If you happen to be HIV positive in America and those around you don't know, uh, it might be a good idea to check the mail before anybody else does.  A major insurer, Aetna, is in hot-water after they exposed thousands of people and their most personal secret.  According to the LGBT rights groups, Aetna is hot-water this weekend after thousands of people across the US (particularly gay men and women)  were targeted by Aetna's horrible failure with their mailers.   The health insurer sent out mailers about those taking HIV medications (like PReP), or simply are HIV positive themselves along with health information. So, what's the issue? First, uh, something of  such a nature was actually sent in the US mail. Second, the insurer forgot to check their envelopes and secure them so paperw...

Johnson and Johnson: We have plausible HIV/AIDS cure

But we're still not convinced, and, even with one -- people especially gay men should still wear a condom.  Johnson & Johnson executives announced this week that after 10 years, they, uhm, have found what appears to be the first human-cure for HIV/AIDS.     The news comes after the CDC allegedly admitted after all this time that "undetectable people can't actually transmit HIV/AIDS". The announcement came from the Global Citizens Festival, although, they wouldn't quite say when and if the trials would  begin or when the vaccine would go public if trials were successful. For the past ten years, we have been working on an HIV vaccine, using an innovative technology platform, the same technology we are using to make vaccines for Ebola and Zika,” said Paul Stoffels, Chief Scientif...
Kenneka Jenkins funeral is this weekend — we’ll be there
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Kenneka Jenkins funeral is this weekend — we’ll be there

Although her death remains a mystery,   Kenneka Jenkins will formally be laid to rest this weekend.  Her mother, Mrs Martin, announced on Facebook on Thursday that her public funeral will be held in Chicago this weekend. The services will begin around 11 a.m, and, end around 3 p.m local time or so. The funeral will take place at the Salem Baptist Church on the South Side of Chicago.  If you do not come in peace, please do not come at all.    Mrs Martin has made this funeral public for all who wish to attend.  Rev. T. Meeks the senior pastor of Salem Baptist Church will preside over the funeral.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle make their first public appearance

Prince Harry may soon be a husband to someone, if, reports are to be believed. According to reports, Prince Harry and longtime girlfriend Meghan Markle are "officially going somewhere" as they've made their first ever public appearance. https://twitter.com/itvnews/status/911768143223279622/photo/1?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw&ref_url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.zimbio.com%2FCelebrity%2BNews%2Farticles%2FBdqQ1vj4zEI%2FPrince%2BHarry%2BMeghan%2BMarkle%2BMake%2BTheir%2BFirst

Iconic Halloween movie Hocus Pocus is getting a reboot: Hot Today

Disney has confirmed for the first time (in literally 20 or so years) that their iconic film Hocus Pocus, is, ehum, getting its first official reboot.   According to reports, the iconic film will return silver-screens everywhere for the first time since 1993 -- in a whole new way. While nobody's quite sure if Bette or Parker will make their return(s) to the film, they've previously said that they'd both be up for such a project.   Meanwhile,  the new director hasn't quite set a release date yet -- but rumors in Hollywood put the release sometime around next Halloween.
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Khloe Kardashian reportedly pregnant: Rumor

Either we've all entered the apocalypse, or, suddenly three of the Kardashian women are pregnant at the same time (one with a surrogate).  First,  Kim herself already has a surrogate pregnant with her third child.   Last week, reports claimed that  Kylie herself is expecting her first child with her longtime boyfriend (whom apparently, uh, is excited about being a new dad but that's just allegedly..). Now apparently Khloe herself is pregnant (although, the jury is still out here after her latest Instagram picture).  Kardashian surfaced on Instagram/Snapchat this week looking mighty-not-so-pregnant although somehow reports emerged that she is allegedly at least 3 months pregnant. Meanwhile, sister Kimmy Kakes came out in opposition of the reports citing that they "sounded pretty false...
High School Investigations

Three juveniles arrested after arson at Baker High School

BAKER, LOUISIANA -- The very same high school  in the cross-hairs of our investigation into their alleged lack of interest in investigating school violence, ehum, is now in the midst of its own criminal investigation. According to authorities,  they've spent this week trying to figure out why three teenagers decided to  set part of the school building on fire. Officials wouldn't let school board officials into the building to see the damages, although, it is estimated  that they racked up damages totaling more than $400,000.
High School Investigations

Exclusive: Amid arson arrests, Baker High School has a growing problem

Last week, we reported of alleged rising school violence at Baker High School in Louisiana.  A concerned resident tipped us off to videos and evidence indicating that the school board isn't doing what they're supposed to.  After airing last week's story,  students are coming forward with their own version(s) of events.  On 21 September authorities intervened after a video appeared on social media of a 2-on-1 violent fight involving high school students at Baker High School.  Furthermore, 3 more teens were then arrested for arson that caused $400,000 worth of damage.  A school official who preferred to remain anonymous did tell The Daily News that "These are definitely not isolated incidents and they're on the rise.    That video that appeared online and in the news earlier this week ...

Hot This Week: Wendy Williams’ husband caught in cheating scandal

Sending the internet into one big ironic gasp.  Apparently,  Kevin Hunter has been cheating on Wendy for at least the past 10 years.  A feat, that uh, everybody kind of already knew -- and we're going to guess Wendy has known this entire time. The People's Station reports that the rumors involve a woman by the name of Sharina, someone, who Kevin has apparently and allegedly known for many years.   This  has already been denied by William's herself, however, photographs then surfaced of Hunter actually with Sharina personally. "If there was hype, I'd definitely let you know. All is fine in Hunter-ville" the 53-year-old talk show titan said on this week's episode.    Meanwhile,  other reports are claiming back at home that William's is "furious that Kevin's secret got out and is now de...
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Iconic founder of Playboy Magazine, Hugh Hefner, dies at 91

LOS ANGELES -- He redefined publishing, and, simultaneously accidentally gave men everywhere a  robe-clad publishing hero for decades.  Hefner, 91, died at his home inside the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles surrounded by loved ones and his family. Playboy first launched in Chicago  with Hefner's ambition and $8,000. Little then did a young Hefner know that his magazine would grow to become a symbol of American culture defining generation after generation.   Although controversial, he, remained a fixture among American publishing until his death. Originally,  Playboy Magazine was almost called Stag Party.  "We enjoy mixing up cocktails and an hors d’oeuvre or two, putting a little mood music on the phonograph, and inviting in a female acquaintance for a quiet discussion on Picasso, Ni...
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