Need a job? Become a fake Trump supporter

And that’s coming directly from what appears to be organizers for an upcoming rally in Phoenix hosted by Donald Trump himself. AZ Central picked up screenshots and even a link to a Craigslist ad seeking “actors”. Interestingly, they’re seeking actors for Trump ‘s upcoming “outside” rally in Phoenix, his first in some time.

The ad reportedly promised upwards of 10 bucks an hour to stand in Phoenix’s near sweltering 105 degree weather on Tuesday. Meanwhile, the ad went on to say that they “especially want minorities on board with the rally to hold signs and cheer on command”. Otherwise, “to show diversity”. The ad was taken down about 30 minutes after both AZ Central and the Arizona Republic discovered the ad online.

But then it reappeared again hours later. In other news, someone’s playing magical beasts and where to find them — and we’re not here for it.

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