Is this the next Trump cabinet member to depart?

Steve Mnuchin is pictured.
Steve Mnuchin is pictured.

If heavy hitters; influence, and those from Yale University have anything to do with it — yes.  According to Business Insider, Steve Mnuchin may soon be on his way out as a renewed push from his Yale colleagues to remove himself from the WH rages on this weekend. Business Insider notes that the push came after even further fallout from Trump’s now infamous comments on the Charlottesville riots.

On Friday, the President’s government agency on Arts and Civil Humanities all in a rather unique and unusually non-government way decided to quit.  A letter was posted to social media confirming that every member of the federal agency would resign effective immediately.  The week continues to get tougher for President Trump.

Meanwhile, Mnuchin’s classmates are urging him to ditch President Trump and leave the White House as protest for the comments “that do not in any way align with what Mnuchin himself believed before he went into the White House”.

You can read the entire letter, HERE.


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