The skinny on Joe and Mika ‘s nasty breakup with Trump

 Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski  have been the talk of politics all month.  When they famously began spatting with President Trump, they, became topics of discussion largely across the political spectrum. In a lengthy New Yorker profile,  the couple gets the A-List treatment in great depth as they continue to rise to influence in American politics (otherwise, popularly known as the resistance).

In the profile, it’s deeply chronicled the bitter feud between the Morning Joe hosts and the President. According to the profile, uh, the two hosts were actually very pro-Trump when the elections first took place last year. Although, once Trump finally took office, uh, they decided to switch altitudes and it kind of took its way south from there.

“It was shocking,” says Scarborough. “It was the first time anybody had told him that the first week didn’t go really well.”  Joe says  of the dispute with the President.

View the full profile now. 

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