5 Most Dangerous Cities in The World

Surprisingly, not many American cities made this list (although a ton of them could top it).  We dug deep into statistics and numbers, and, have now come up with our take for the five deadliest cities in the world.  These numbers were gathered in partnership with  police forces from around the world, particularly, Latin America.

[They also appeared in 24/7 Wall Street, although, we independently verified each statistic with each country’s police agency].

  1. Caracas, Venezuela; homicides per 100,000: 130.35
  2. Acapulco, Mexico; 113.24
  3. San Pedro Sula, Honduras; 112.09
  4. Distrito Central, Honduras; 85.09
  5. Victoria, Mexico; 84.67

See more on the list of full rankings. 


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