EXCLUSIVE: Blac Chyna ‘s lies are beginning to unravel

With the news that Blac Chyna received a temporary restraining order against Rob Kardashian over nude pics being leaked online,  Blac Chyna’s closest confidants, have come forth to The Daily News revealing her concocted master plan all along.  Dating back to December, uh, in that infamous interview, Chyna has been (“significantly lying and playing Rob Kardashian and his family this entire time”).

First,  in December, it was claimed that Chyna + Kardashian broke up after a hotly-watched social media feud erupted online.  Chyna’s former hairstylist who prefers to remain nameless,  tells us, that “that just wasn’t true. That was by the demands of Chyna, who, was in it for the money to make it appear as if they broke up for ratings and financial purposes”.

“Chyna is a devious, but smart woman.  All of these well calculated moves are and were part of her plan to get as much as she possibly could from Kardashian and his family.   Her orchestrated and “fake” break-up from Rob;  that whole taking the baby and leaving, it was all fake”  her former stylist says.

Interestingly, that’s not the only former friend that’s come forth.  A neighbor of Chyna who happens to live directly next door adjacent to her home, also, came forth to The Daily News this morning.   In his own words, “she’s been plotting since day one.  We’d always see her with different men when Rob was out of town;  different people in and out of the home, it was never just a solid consistent sight of Rob entering the home”.

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“The abuse claims were even more interesting than one could have imagined.  How can you leak photos of someone who has already been nude for the world to see?  She’s claimed multiple times in previous incidents that Rob has abused her and exploited her.   But, in reality, Chyna is actually the one abusing Rob and ordering him to do things that he normally wouldn’t.   Will she ever admit to the fact that she stole his credit card and got hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewels? Probably not.  My husband’s friend happens to be a member of her “group”  where they witnessed her with Rob’s card and other things that belonged to Rob. It’s crazy. She’s a thief; a liar, and a scam-artist”.

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