The U.S birth rate is at an all time low

But considering the world is already dreadfully overpopulated anyway, most, aren’t seeing that as a bad thing. According to a 2016 report from the CDC out Friday,  the U.S birth rate has declined a pretty good level in recent months and years. Per the report,   67 babies for every 1,000 women are where the  birth rate historically stands right now.

In America, the land where people procreate far too much,  that’s a pretty alarming piece of information at least for politicians looking for further tax-avenues.    The report indicates that for the first time birth rates especially among teens, perhaps, is plummeting.    Since 1991,  the teenage birth rate in the U.S has dropped almost 67%.

That can be accounted for the rise of contraceptives and people understanding the use of birth control.   More and more women are becoming sexually active, but, with access to the proper care pregnancy often isn’t a worry anymore.  Between 2008 and 2016,  there were some 4m babies less born than usual.

Point in case? America is finally learning to wrap it up.

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