Ariana Grande was ISIS target in Manchester: Reports

The shocking attack in Manchester over the week, perhaps,  is a stark reminder that anywhere we go in the world — ISIS could be sitting right before us.  Ariana Grande, perhaps, only learned just that after 22 people were killed during her sold-out show .

Grande remains holed up in a private home as she continues to sulk following the deadly attack, which, she managed to escape unharmed. The bomber, however, appears to be part of a much larger network that has dominated England and its terrorist organizations.    Due to being asked by the police not to name the bomber, we, will not publicly publish his name here.

Meanwhile,  our terror threat has made its way to the highest level (“critical”) for the first time since 2007.  PM May has ordered thousands of troops to the streets of England as manchester continues to cope with the massacre.   In other news,  one of our nearby offices in Manchester has been temporarily opened to the public for those looking for someone to talk to; food, and  shelter like needs.

According to AOL, there are other former terrorist members who believe that Grande was a target due to her feminine personality and confidence in herself.

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