Jeff Sessions is coming after drug offenders in America tougher than ever before

By overturning Obama era-guidelines that sort of loosened sentencing on offenders who didn’t have past criminal histories or were part of known gangs.  According to a two page memo posted online from the Department of Justice,  Sessions’ claims that the “rise in violent crime and rise in use of powerful drugs is because of the lax laws in place by President Obama’.

The memo keeps its promise to undermine almost any Obama era law and maintain Donald Trump ‘s promise to “restore law and order” in the United States.   Meanwhile,  advocates for criminal justice reform aren’t too thrilled at the news, as, many expect this to nearly triple the number of prisoners in federal prisons.

Per Sessions, prosecutors and the like can allow exceptions to the new sweeping orders in instances where calls of good judgement are made and only if approvals from supervisors are actually garnered.

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