The American Healthcare Act has been the talk of the week this week, especially, after yesterdays reported passing at least partially of the controversial bill’s first hurdle.  In a last minute amendment,  the “Uptown Amendment” made its way into the bill. The bill adds certain provisions for funding for states that “need” it per say to help ease the would-be rising costs of healthcare to states (/citizens/) who fall into a certain category of patient healthcare.

In accordance with the American Healthcare Act,  patients who let their healthcare lapse for a total of 63 calendar days would in fact face much higher premiums (/etc/) than normal.  In a sense, this, appears to be the GOP ‘s answer to what  was Obama’s own  penalty for not having health insurance (but that’s only part 1).

The amendment adds a reported $8billion in funding through  the 2020 fiscal year  for those that fall into this healthcare category or similar. But some Senators and politicians, uh, feel such isn’t even close to enough.

Below is the Uptown Amendment Bill in full.

Upton Amendment

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