What if a hotel knew the identity of your child’s father, but, you didn’t?

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2017)

That’s the interesting case in Germany, where, a woman who hooked up with a man seven years ago is now seeking to have that same hotel (in which it took place) turn over his identity.  Authorities say that the woman, whom we will not identify,  has demanded in court docs that the hotel in question “is willingly hiding the identity of the father of my child to prevent him from doing the right thing”.

Interestingly, seven years ago the woman hooked up with the man she only knew as Michael. No last name; no nothing, essentially anonymous.   Now,  courts in Germany have ruled that the hotel revealing any information about “Michael” would violate the rights of the four different  men named Michael that were checked into the hotel during that time period.

The Appeals Court will hear the case next week.

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