In video footage obtained by The Daily News, it appears that we have positively confirmed the existence of a video now to be Kirk and Rasheeda ‘s son clearly performing sexual (and gay acts) for another man.  The video is the first time that the reality-star child has ever been confirmed to be homosexual.

We have been made aware that this video first surfaced earlier this year after a reported secret relationship with an older man.  The man, whom we will not identify,  has posted online in numerous places with several images and videos of Rasheeda’s son.

The video can be viewed by clicking HERE. 

UPDATE:  On August 13th 2017,  The Daily News was sent even more photos believed to be part of those sent to an older man. View them by clicking here. 

24 Replies to “VIDEO EXCLUSIVE: Rasheeda’s son pictured in raunchy gay video sent to older man”

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking with all the talk of him being “gay” just because he’s playing with his hole. As many str8 men as there are who like that!!! Now, if the vid was made for another man..well…..

      1. I found it on tumblr smh ?‍♂️ Rasheeda need to worry about fixing her family…

    1. WOW! That’s JUST how the faggots talk Downtown NY. All negative, and vulgar and “reading” people. His asshole did NOT look open or loose and why put smiley faces and shit talking shit bout lil man? Like happy as HELL to add him to something he probably wont ever be part of….”reading” and being extra.


    Due to the overwhelming response to this video the link provided is now the only way to view it. The response has been so large that there are way too many people trying to view this video at once. We ignited a feeding frenzy without even realising it

  2. This just goes to show everyone should worry because the media really don’t care who’s lives that they destroy with a lie or the truth an people jus eat this shit up a child over grown ass folks doing this to a child putting shit out there like its like that when it’s evidently not just to cause their family more pain then her thier already experienceing s m g d h

  3. Thought the lady in the video said her son’s name is Jacoby Grisley. Listed in public records as being 23-24. and I believe Rasheeda’s son is truly about age. These reality need to stop it with the stage age crap.

  4. You should NOT be sharing the video at all. The still shots of him from the waist up are enough. This poor child. Being taken advantage of by disgusting pervert faggots!

  5. I’m not saying this to make the young man look bad in any way, but I had sex with enough dudes to say without a doubt he had dick in his ass and not no once twice dick down, he had loads of dick up in him. This kid was sexing lil while. Now, do I think he and the young dude who exposed him were hitting? NO! I think that dude wanted Ky being aware someway some how that Ky was gay or fucks dudes but Ky didnt gave him no play. But somehow he got hold of these pics and release them. How in the world you can be talking to someone for 2 years where he revealed all sorts of personal info about him and his family, but you have no pics of yall kissing, in bed together or huged up, just him singly nude? I believe Ky was fucking another older dude who channeled his pics through teens to embarrass him.

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