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Reports: NASA has discovered all necessary components of life in Outer Space

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That wasn’t created nor has anything to do with humans. According to NASA researchers, a food source reportedly meant for microbes on one of Saturn’s super tiny moons. Researchers say the discovery now lends greater credibility than ever before to the fact that: There is life outside of earth. 

NASA revealed Thursday that its Cassini Spacecraft discovered the molecular hydrogen deep inside one of the planet’s tiny moons.  The hydrogen was discovered in the midst of the plumes of vapor that erupt into space from Enceladus’ layer of ice.

Scientist say that the plumes themselves are direct evidence of hydrothermal  vents in the ocean. So, what does that mean exactly? Lead researcher Hunter Waite is “seriously excited” at this discovery because it now means that there is a significant chance of discovering life in outer space.   Enceladus has now been discovered to contain all necessary components for “life forms” of numerous types to life on the planet (oxygen; food, water,  organic resources, and energy..).

Waite continued his findings over at 

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