Obama released more than a dozen Iranian fugitives to make nuclear deal: Report

Troubling news for former US president Barack Obama. According to docs obtained by The Daily News, the famed nuclear deal that was sealed by Obama in 15″ was done using horrifying tactics. Documents reveal that Obama “released more than 14 Iranian fugitives accused of mass murder on American bases in the country” in exchange for the nuclear deal that he would eventually sign during the time.

Amin Ravan, as first uncovered by Politico, is one of many of the Iranian fugitives and terrorists that would help Iran at that particular time in lethal and deadly activities. Ravan, was believed to have sold military antennas used by the U.S Army to Singapore and Hong Kong which in turn resulted in them landing in the hands of Iran.

This news comes in stark contrast to the claims made by Obama that “American interests came before Iranian interests in the war on terror”.

Interestingly, this was done around the same time Obama orchestrated an entire prisoner swap that saw more than a dozen Iranian-American fugitives and criminals across America be released. At the time, he claimed that they were “non violent offenders” and posed no threat to national security. But, uh, in reality, they’ve all actually either been accused of treason or flat out trying to aid Iran in building cruise missiles and lethal weapons capable of being used against America.

Meanwhile, it was also revealed that Seyed Abolfazl Shahab Jamili was also released. Interestingly, Seyed was accused of arming China with highly sensitive American equipment capable of transmitting classified information. He did so, per docs, knowing that it would eventually be passed on to the likes of Iran.

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