The Khan Group is one of the largest third-party vendors for birth certificates and human records in the world.   We work closely with vital agencies around the world to be able to provide all kinds of documents to people who necessarily wouldn’t be able to get it themselves (whether it be because they no longer live in their birth city, or anything else).

Our services are heavily advertised on Craigslist;  Facebook,  television,  and on various websites you visit each day.   We are proud to serve more than 75 countries and millions of people each year.

Here’s a break down of how this service works:

What we require:

Your name

Your e-mail

Your phone number

$50 flat fee for obtaining your certificate (add $15 if you want expedited shipping).

First and foremost,   you’ve probably found yourself at this link from one of our Craigslist ads.  By utilizing our services you agree to our Terms of Service, which, reserve the right to collect deposits (flat fees) on all services.  Per our Terms of Service, we do not issue any refunds of any kind because we furnish all services rather quickly and efficiently.   By agreeing to our Terms of Service, you are agreeing that you will provide all necessary information quickly and formally so we can assist you with this service promptly.

Furthermore, in accordance with our Terms of Service,  for any reason if it is declared that your request is criminal; fraudulent, or in wrong faith we reserve the right to not only  maintain the monies collected for the service – but we will also  turn over and furnish your information to the appropriate authorities.

This article coincides with our Terms of Service which were updated and enforced as of 24 April 2017.  View more and get more info here.

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