Report: Prince had Oxycodone in bottles labeled “Kirk Johnson”

According to numerous outlets, there’s a bit more on the death of music icon Prince making way more than a year later.  Reports out Monday claim that the purple rain legend apparently had “dozens of oxycodone bottles” allegedly labeled “Kirk Johnson” in his Paisley Park estate.

While police wouldn’t reveal much, court documents, have been received by numerous outlets including ours. In them, Prince, used numerous “aliases” to shield his identity while traveling: Peter Bravestrong.

Docs confirm that numerous bottles in suitcases and his recording studio with both names on them (prescribed under someone else’s name for his privacy) were in the home when police searched heavily for clues as to how he got the dangerous synthetic drug that killed him.

The documents further revealed that in the days following what would have been the collapse on his way home from Atlanta, he, had reportedly intended to go into an addiction recovery clinic in California according to pamphlets found in the music legends home.

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