Donald Trump is a Presidential Hypocrite, and, People Are Just Now Figuring It Out

Donald Trump, er, has allot of things that cause people to wonder what in the world he’s talking about — but among those there are deeper topics that need discussion.  Donald Trump, before his Presidency,  has long been a hypocritical opponent of Barack Obama.   Initially,  Trump, criticized just about everything Obama did right down to how often he took vacations (and the price tag along with them).

What’s important here is that what Obama “wasn’t allowed to do” Trump is according to Trump and his supporters. In less than a few weeks,   Trump, has sent numerous tweets from his personal Twitter account accusing people of treasonous and federal crimes. Among those,  wiretapping (literally) on both behalf of Mr. Obama and the British government.

But at what cost has Trump ‘s hypocrisy come to America? It’s come at a cost of losing healthcare; abuse of tax-payer funds, and literally carelessness towards the very people who helped him get into office.  It’s important to note here that Trump is and has shown numerous signs of mental illness, something,  that he has denied in the past when confronted by the press.  The issue with Trump ‘s mental health is that his consistent lies and delusions are so apparent that his supporters even believe them.   US intelligence officials have repeatedly denied any evidence suggesting that Obama did wiretap Trump Towers even exists.

But, even then Trump ‘s clear disregard for the truth has repeated the same claims that others have denied.  His hypocrisy extended when he notoriously accused the British government of aiding Barack Obama in wiretapping Trump Towers without permission.  In that claim particularly, he, had claimed that the GCHQ had aided Obama in the illegal activity.  Prime Minister Theresa May, per sources, was the first to reject the claim as a “literal lie” and “utter ridiculousness”.

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But, like other times, Trump still stuck to the claim.    But, this is where the hypocrisy and the obvious mental health issues come into play.  Has Donald Trump ascended to President of the United States knowingly suffering from mental problems? (His track record of consistently and almost lying daily suggests that he may be a pathological liar).

Pathological liars are almost always known to possess other symptoms of severe mental illness, a problem, that isn’t always discussed among those with issues.

In his original campaign,  Trump, had promised that he was “Out to make America Great Again”.  This isn’t something that reflects in Trump’s “Make America Great Again” budget plan. A plan that ultimately benefits the rich (and the mega rich at that).   19 federal agencies in the United States are set to see their funding severely or entirely cut including important programs that give lunches and food to needy school children.   Components of this budget plan just don’t strategically align with the campaign slogan used by Donald Trump: Make America Great Again.

Trump ‘s budget plan aligns with a mission that goes something like this:  Poor people don’t deserve to live; have healthcare, or eat.   Unless you’re mega wealthy or have deep pockets you don’t deserve healthcare (“because its a privilege rather than a right to be treated if you are ill”).   But, why  would people including Donald Trump have such a thought process like that? Have we really become a society whereas our skin colour and socioeconomic status determines whether or not we live or die? Is that how Trump ‘s hypocrisy intends to make America Great Again?

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