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Report: Amazon ‘s Alexa machine may be spying on you

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According to new reports out that the “Always listening” feature on the device is actually on for a reason to collect voice audio of others doing things that they’re unaware that they’re being listened to.  The news comes after it was revealed that an Amazon Echo speaker and its virtual Alexa assistant may have captured the murder of an Arkansas woman on its recording device.

Authorities are now investigating the claims after numerous  tech companies took to the CES show in Las Vegas revealing and unveiling their latest gizmos (yes, there really is a three screen laptop).   The claims have sparked concerns over the ön feature on the device, which, Amazon  has now offered advice as to how to turn the listening option to “off”.

The Echo has to listen to everything. That’s kind of disturbing,’ said Ryan O’Leary, vice president of WhiteHat Security’s threat research center.

‘It doesn’t capture voice until it hears the keyword, but it could.

‘You’re trusting the devices to not do that, but it’s entirely possible.’

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