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Messages from Aliens? Scientists so aren’t sure

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ALIENSAliens? Nobody’s quite sure. But, one thing scientists are sure of, er, is that there are some pretty strange repeating signals come from outer space — and billions of light years away. According to scientists, there have only been about 17 of such signals found since the first was ever discovered in 2007.

The signals, with no traced to source, appear to have “repeated”  during their orbit to galaxy — some of which has triggered  conspiracy theorists and scientists to wonder whether or not alien life forms are communicating from outer space (we’d guess not). Acc0rding to researchers at Cornell University,  the signals, are reportedly known as fast radio bursts.

“This research shows for the first time that there can be multiple FRBs from the same place in the sky,” researcher Shami Chatterjee says in a press release. “Whatever produces the FRB can’t be destroyed by the burst, because otherwise, what would produce the next pulse?” And the mystery deepens: “We’re showing that whatever battery drives FRBs, it can recharge in minutes,” astronomy professor James Cordes says. “The energy of the event becomes very problematic.”

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