ISIS apparently has a job application

There are employment applications, and er, then there are employment applications to become an ISIS terrorist.   Sometime between last night and the publishing of this report, the world, got its first glimpse of how one may become an ISIS fighter.

CNN first picked up what has now been confirmed to be a job application for ISIS.   While the application does indeed reportedly ask general employment questions —   the application also asks questions that your local HR department probably wouldn’t dare ask.

The questions reportedly range  from: Your level of religious belief; your desire to become a fighter or a suicide bomber,  among various other things.  The application was apparently dispersed among the world’s media overnight last night, from a “disillusioned” former member of the terrorist organization.

It made for an interesting read even further, mostly, because the applications shed some light on the applicants lives in which hope to actually join the military.   The applications revealed that not only are some “blind in the night” but, er, some can’t actually drive vehicles.

Interestingly,  the application also quizzes Jihadist hopefuls on their previous  Jihadi experience — and their level of obedience.

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