Review: “Pre Paid Debit Card” @PayPower gets reviewed by Daily News Online

Business: Blackhawk Network (PayPower Prepaid Debit Card)

Rating:  1 Star

Customer Service Comments: By far the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered in terms of any kind of prepaid debit card.  This is ridiculous.

Comments: Veer from  Pay Power.   This company is very suspicious in their business dealings, refuse customer service requests,  and will not let anybody speak to a “Supervisor”.

Review –  Here it goes

I requested a Pay Power card during a vacation stay because I don’t like to provide my actual bank information to anybody, even, those that I pay bills to. Little did I know that Pay Power has no actual customer service (that speaks English anyway);  will not let customers speak to a manager, and will flat out hang up on you if you demand to speak to a supervisor  after a mistake on their behalf.

Here’s where it went wrong.   Pay Power’s lack of English speaking customer service agents resulted in my name being spelled entirely wrong and my information being entered wrong into their system, because, it appears their customer service agents only exist somewhere in Asia.  On the morning of 6 March 2016, I phone Pay Power after receiving my formal card in the mail  to inquire why they had spelled my name wrong when I had spelled it out for the original customer service agent that  sent me the card.

I was dutifully ignored. All three customer service agents had bad attitudes; refused to help me (because they got my name wrong),  two of them hung up on me, and the last nearly engaged in a verbal sparring match over my further demand to speak to a supervisor.   The part that I don’t understand is they sent me a Pay Power card using my partial information (that their non English speaking agents got partially wrong) and my personal residential address but with the wrong name on it.   Now, they claim that I can do nothing wrong with the account — and I cannot speak to anybody because I cannot be verified as this user.

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I wouldn’t advise anybody use Pay Power for any reason. They are very suspicious;  shoddy,  and their customer service is almost non-existent.  It’s important to note that managers and supervisors are “not allowed” to be spoken to by those that call in for any reason.

Problems with Pay Power? Let us know in the comment section and share your story.  Daily News Online intends to file formal complaints against Pay Power to get the card belonging to me (Mohammed SHK: I will not write my real name here)  removed from their systems because it contains my real information.

Watch a popular video regarding Pay Power and popular  scams used by this company.

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