Kickstarter investigating doomed drone

It has been hailed as one of the biggest Kickstarter scams, well, ever. But the case of a doomed drone that appeared on the crowdfunding site, er, has people talking.  For starters, the questionable Welsh company Torquing Group, apparently created a mini drone like piece of hardware — that never actually quite worked.

A little backstory. In the beginning, the Kickstarter campaign promised a massive mini drone that presumably does what one might expect it to do. However, the first problem arose when pre-orders went out first instead of actual big-ticket donors getting their prize first.

In the original campaign, Torquing, perhaps, squashed its $175,00 funding goal by hauling in nearly $3.3m.  In the words of one Consumerist columnist, ‘overfunding at its best’.

Consumerist notes that consumers far-and-wide who had pre ordered the device perhaps discovered that they never actually worked as promised. In no videos found on the internet, er, the ‘drone’ in question never actually took flight as previously claimed by Torquing.

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