Don’t Blink Twice: Throw out the lettuce in your ice box – You’ve Been Warned

DETROIT — Health officials have confirmed to Daily News America that one death linked to Dole Salad’s and Lettuces has been made official. Officials say that the death occurred in Detroit, but refused, to identify the person who actually died.  Officials note that the death occurred after the individual “consumed Dole Salad’s and Lettuce” some of which has recently been linked to listeria outbreaks in an Ohio facility.

The U.S Center for Disease Control advised to Daily News Online when contacted for comment that consumers can identify the “troubled packages by the letter A in the beginning of the code on the back of the bags themselves in stores”. Dole, however, is feeling the wrath of angry consumers and has withdrawn all  production at the Ohio facility in question, until, further notice.


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