FBI unable to crack San Bernandino couple’s massive collection of codes

SAN BERNANDINO —  Turns out, even, er, the FBI can’t crack the encryption codes on the partial hard drives and cell phones found that belong to the infamous couple who reigned terror on a social services office.

Officials tell Fox News that the encryptions may never be ‘cracked’, meaning, that lawmakers and legislators may use this particular situation in America — as — more reason to demand that tech companies allow backdoors into popular smartphones and devices (although, that probably won’t happen).

Per Fox News, Sayed Farook and Tashfeek Malik were ‘able to fully encrypt their devices and essentially delete their information’  prior to the attack. Experts further warn that without the ‘missing digital footprint and the other half of a hard drive, the information sought to uncover potential further attacking plans may never be uncovered’

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