US reportedly sues Volkswagen

And it isn’t looking good for the car maker. According to documents obtained by Daily News Online, the Department of Justice has reportedly sued Volkswagen amid further claims that the company went to great lengths to evade the Clean Air Act, at least, with its diesel line of vehicles.

Documents claim that the DOJ is “after Volkswagen” for allegations that they “deeply” violated the Clean Air Act, a major law that champions “Clean Air” and the reduction of emissions from vehicles in the United States. Some time ago, Volkswagen was caught in the cross hairs of a major scandal, after, it emerged that the company had allegedly used certain tactics and tools on their diesel brand vehicles to evade the test(s) making it appear as if all vehicles had passed the tests all together.

However, the case gets pretty interesting. The New York Times points out that the lawsuit doesn’t actually pinpoint any singular corporate executive, or,  include any actual tangible criminal charges against the company. Essentially, dealing a big blow to Obama’s “war on corporate crime” and his previous promise to champion corporations to “do the right thing” or face the consequences.

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