Hillary Clinton joked around with Jimmy Fallon last night

Republican debates; presidential showdowns, and Jimmy Fallon: Just a day in the life of one Hillary Clinton. Despite being brutally mocked; taken on, and brashly taken to court over some of her own antics — Hillary had time to talk to NYC chat show host Jimmy Fallon last night.

During the appearance, Clinton,  admitted that she and husband Bill like to “watch the Republican debates and mock the other candidates” sometimes “Fast forwarding through the funny parts” but staying on others.  Fallon,  amusingly,  took part in a mock job interview for “America’s Top Job” with Clinton so so “Do you have an e-mail address where we can contact you?”.

Clinton’s admission that she watches the Republican debates, perhaps, may strike a chord with conservatives running for U.S president.

You know he does have a running commentary, we both do. Can you believe what he just said, what does that mean? I’ve no idea. So we have an ongoing dialog about it.’  Clinton told Fallon in reference to why she and husband Bill watch the Republican debates.

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