Ashley Olsen found dead in her Florence apartment: Police

ITALY — Similar to  previous harrowing murders in Italy, circa Amanda Knox, an American woman has reportedly turned up dead in Italy. Italian officials tell Daily News Online that a 35-year-old American woman identified as Ashley Olsen was found dead in her Florence apartment Friday, after, a night on the town and a consensual romp with a Senegalese man.

Italian prosecutors and police officers say that Olsen was found with “fatal” injuries to her skull and person(s) that ultimately led to her death.  Mr. Creazzo, the killer, reportedly “copped to the killing after intense questioning by police”.  Initially, he had claimed she fell during an argument.

The twosome reportedly went back to Olsen’s Florence apartment, er, heavily intoxicated and spent the night together. There,  Creazzo claims they “had an argument following our encounter” and she had “fallen”. Although, preliminary reports on  Olsen’s body say otherwise.


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