U.S led airstrike on ISIS reportedly took out “massive cash flow”

WASHINGTON — According to Pentagon officials, the U.S is celebrating a huge win this week after U.S led airstrikes in Iraq reportedly took out a “huge flow” of ISIS’s cash and serial belongings used in their funding of terrorist attacks. Pentagon officials revealed in numerous reports that the attacks happened just after midnight Sunday, to, essentially, prevent the “number of civilian deaths”  from rising.

Officials spoke to AFP through means of the Guardian whereas they discussed the destruction of “ISIS’s illicit belongings; weapons, cash flow, and storage facilities in the area”.  Officials noted that U.S military coalitions reportedly led  a simultaneous 2,000lb bomb drop on the facility in question.

As of this writing, the estimated number  5 to seven people have died, although, U.S officials have deliberated on whether or not they will accept more “casualties” to defeat ISIS in the area.

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