Your hijab is an essential part of your wardrobe that you wear every day. There are many ways you can style your hijab, so it enhances your natural beauty and suits your fashionable personality. To complement this article of clothing, you must also keep your makeup in mind to make sure it doesn’t clash. Here are some tips that will help you enhance your hijab fashion:

Hijab Shape

When you select your hijab style, make sure it flatters the shape of your face and matches your apparel. A looser scarf tied at the bottom suits a round or heart-shaped face. Another complementary style includes a larger amount of excess fabric that gathers near your neck, which helps elongate your profile. If your face-shape is more long or oval, fashion your hijab so it lays asymmetrically, with more excess fabric on one side. An asymmetrical shape softens your face and has an ethereal look.

The shape of your hijab should also complement your outfit. A shorter and slimmer hijab should be used when you are wearing clothes that have a lot of flowy fabric, whereas a hijab with excess fabric is ideal for clothing that has a more snug fit. There are a number of tutorials on the Internet that can help you determine the best style for you. For example,Haute Hijab has a series of viscose woven wrap video tutorials on its site that give you step-by-step instructions.

Hijab Color

The color of your hijab can be a simple solid or a vibrant, intricate pattern. The first step in choosing a color or pattern is to think about what your daily apparel looks like. If you have a more simplistic, casual style, choose a hijab that complements this look. A solid olive, taupe, gray, black or white color hijab is always a safe bet. You also can find a hijab with a minimalist, geometric pattern of neutral colors.

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If your style is glamorous and girly, go for more vibrant colors and patterns. Pink, green, turquoise, and all jewel-tone colors help showcase your bright personality. You should also take your eye color into account when you choose a color. Brown eyes, for example, pair well with most colors, but the iris becomes more prominent with blue hues and gold undertones. Look for classic, fashionable patterns, like bright florals or a Hermes-style nautical motif. For real-life examples of inspirational hijab styles, take a look at the Hijabfashion’s Instagram.

Makeup Styles

You want your makeup to highlight your natural beauty and not distract from it. Simple concealer, primer and foundation powder helps clear and brighten your skin. Subtly highlight your eyes with some brown eyeliner and brown or black mascara. A blush or clear lip gloss enhances your natural features. Amway can help you discover which products are best for your skin with its Artistry product line.

Your makeup decisions should depend on how moderate you wish to keep your look. You can incorporate more color with your lip or eyeshadow colors. Make sure the colors you choose don’t conflict or clash with the colors of your hijab. The best way you can find a color that is complementary is through research of color theory. A solid knowledge of the basics will help you elevate your entire look.

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