Affluenza teen’s mum is reportedly “Broke”

TEXAS — The much anticipated trial of Tonya Couch, er, happened. And in that trial, it emerged of just what happened to much of Tonya Couch’s money — most of which — wasn’t quite in her possession like previously believed.  Couch’s 29-year-old son Steven McWilliams testified in  court Tuesday to claim that “Tonya is broke, the government froze all of her accounts”.

How true that claim was, er, remains unknown. Per the testimony of McWilliams, Couch, “has no money” which lends credibility or at least a little as to the reasoning behind the judge’s decision to reduce her bail.  McWilliams claimed in open court that her bank balance reads “-$99billion”.

Couch is expected to be released from jail within the next day, however,  won’t be released  without an ankle monitor due to the fact she is now on house arrest at the  residence of McWilliam’s and his family.

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