U.S fast food chain Chipotle subpoenaed by feds over norovirus outbreak

We’ve warned you before, we’ll warn you again, beware of Chipotle.   Daily News Online has learned that Chipotle has confirmed that Chipotle has been ordered by the federal government to produce a “broad range” of documents dating back a few years on its food policies and overall management of its restaurants against claims that not only is the restaurants food nearly deadly — employment infractions exist among the company.

But those aren’t the only woes the company has faced in the past three months.  Since the beginning of the norovirus outbreak in California which sickened some 234 people, college youngsters in Boston also felt the wrath of Chipotle’s deadly food sickening more than 140 kids in total.

Shares in the fast food chain have dropped nearly 37% in the past three months. Fed authorities are reportedly hoping to determine just how such a massive outbreak occurred, and, have “promised that Chipotle will be held accountable according to criminal law”.


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