Trump’s not so bright move a cold day in hell for this U.S city

BURLINGTON, VERMONT — If you’re in  Burlington this week, you perhaps, might want to stay inside.  Troopers in Burlington announced this morning an interesting feat courtesy of none other than U.S Presidential Candidate Donald Trump. According to troopers, Trump “has given out more than 20,000 tickets for a venue that only holds about 1,400 people”.

Troopers are reportedly worried that the event scheduled for 7pm Thursday is set to be a “madhouse” and that 6,500 people have already apparently confirmed their attendance to the event. Protests are widely expected.

Some troopers are peeved at Trump, and as one put it, “he didn’t take into account the safety of troopers” when organizing his  in Burlington.

Trump’s campaign declined to comment.

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